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Recent Advances of Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Capacitors



Author(s): Huang, TT (Huang, Tingting); Jiang, Y (Jiang, Yuan); Shen, GZ (Shen, Guozhen); Chen, D (Chen, Di)

Source: CHEMSUSCHEM Volume: 13 Issue: 6 Special Issue: SI Pages: 1093-1113 DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201903260 Published: MAR 20 2020

Abstract: Two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials have drawn a wide range of research interests because of their unique ultrathin layered structures and attractive properties. In particular, the electrochemical properties and great variety of 2D nanomaterials make them highly attractive candidates for electrochemical capacitors, such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion capacitors, and sodium-ion capacitors. Herein, a comprehensive review of recent progress towards the application of 2D nanomaterials for electrochemical capacitors is provided. Several typical types of 2D nanomaterials are first briefly introduced, followed by detailed descriptions of their electrochemical capacitor applications. Finally, research perspectives and future research directions of these interesting areas are also provided.

Accession Number: WOS:000521252700003

PubMed ID: 31943844

ISSN: 1864-5631

eISSN: 1864-564X

Full Text: https://chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/cssc.201903260


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